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On Far Beyond the Star (2017)...


Quick quotes on Far Beyond the Stars

‘Stunning’ - RTÉ Radio 1
‘A truly stellar album’ - Folk Radio UK
‘Another masterful collection’ - 67 Music (USA)
‘Sublime’ - Hot Press Magazine
‘Wonderful vocals…thoughtful lyrics’ - Irish Music Magazine
‘Dreamlike’ - Soul Train
‘Impeccable musicianship’ - Hot Press Magazine
‘A fine trad-folk harmony album’ - Nialler9, The Irish Times
'Irresistible energy, superb close harmony vocals' - David Kidman, FATEA (UK)
‘Amazing harmonies…beautifully written songs’ - 67 Music (USA)
‘Gorgeous’ - Hot Press Magazine
‘Wonderful’ - Laurel Canyon Music
‘Astonishing’ - The Sunday Times
‘Immaculate’ - Folk Radio UK
‘Stunning vocal harmonies’ - RTÉ Radio 1 
‘Absolutely delightful’ - Soul Train
‘One of the finest live acts in the country’ - RTÉ Radio 1 
‘Sheer beauty’ - Soul Train
’True Stars...Perfect harmony' - Musik Reviews
‘High class’ - SLF
‘Entirely enchanting’ - The Irish Echo
‘Perfectly gorgeous harmonisation’ - The Irish Echo
‘Cutting edge Eirecana’ - The Irish Echo
‘A tour de force’ - The Irish Echo
'Heavenly' - David Kidman, Fatea (UK)
'Spectacularly talented' - Ballymaloe Grainstore (Irish venue) 
'The Henry Girls are back with another masterful collection of songs...Far Beyond The Stars features 13 tracks of beautifully written songs, rich in its musicality, melodies, harmonies and performances. Another must have in your collection.'
- 67 Music (USA)
'...irresistible energy, superb close harmony vocals and highly capable instrumental chops...The Andrews Sisters vibe is revisited at the close of the disc with the infectious I'm Your Baby (complete with a gorgeous twin-fiddle break midway and some perfect instrumental filling)...Far Beyond The Stars is a heavenly two-and-a-half-minute a cappella flight of fantasy that would qualify as a disc highlight...The penultimate track turns out to be a version of Satisfied Mind - a song often covered on the country and roots scene, and the girls' take is one of the best...The girls' tremendously assured musicianship on a healthy variety of instruments (banjo, fiddle, accordion, harp, ukulele, piano) is neatly complemented by reliable guest musicians Ted Ponsonby (guitar, dobro), Liam Bradley (drums), Dave Redmond or Nicky Scott (bass) and Denise Boyle (mandolin, viola, fiddle). And Calum Malcolm's skilful production enables clear definition and pinpointing of individual comparatively delicate colours (like Joleen's harp) within the texture. All of which elements combine to make Far Beyond The Stars certainly one of the girls' finest collections to date.'
- David Kidman, FATEA (UK)
ALBUM OF THE WEEK - RTÉ Radio 1 (April 2017)
'Over the past few years, The Henry Girls have released a brace of stunning albums while becoming one of the finest live acts in the country, and a welcome fixture on the global folk circuit - now Far Beyond The Stars might be their finest hour to date...driven (as ever) by their stunning vocal harmonies, which shine brighter than ever; standout track Ocean of War is dedicated to the millions of refugees caught up in the conflict in Syria and its neighbouring countries.'
- RTÉ Radio 1 (IRL)

ALBUM OF THE WEEK - The Irish Times (April 2017)
'A fine trad-folk harmony album.'
- Nialler9, The Irish Times (IRL)
'The confidence and control of musicianship comes at you straight away, through a blending of instrumentation, harmonies and striking lyrics...wonderful vocals adorn the opening track Oh Why and continue along the 13 track production. The Henry Girls are out on an emotional ledge with this new album, which can be felt upon listening, to the heart in the voices and the careful arrangements and the words.'
- Derek Copley, Irish Music Magazine (IRL)
'Certainly, their penchant for fetching melodies and heartfelt three-part harmonies, combined with an endearing stage presence, offers an irresistible package...the terrific opener, ‘Oh Why’, blends driving bluegrass rhythms and a winning pop melody, while the gorgeous acapella beginning to ‘Down By The River’ sounds like something from the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Even better is their take on folk standard – and feminist anthem – Rebel Girl (Joe Hill), which is truly sublime...the purity of the voices and the impeccable musicianship are hard to argue with.'
- Colm O'Hare, Hot Press (IRL)
'This excellent 13 track album is another tour de force from The Henry Girls.'
- Laurel Canyon Music (UK)
'...there is nothing trite or archaic about the sassy doo-wop of Don't Call Me Honey or the astonishing a cappella title track, while Ocean Of War is a protest song without the preachiness. By gently easing in listeners, the Henry Girls deliver their message with crystalline clarity.'
- Lauren Murphy, The Sunday Times (IRL)
'More gorgeous harmony singing from the Donegal Sisters who went global with Louder Than Words in 2014.'
- Eamon Carr, The Evening Herald (IRL)
'And, what would be the point of having immaculate three-part harmonies without a full showcase? Thus, the title track, Far Beyond The Stars, a beautifully sung love song to one who has passed (“Far beyond the clouds. Above the storm and turmoil. I know that we will meet again”), the coup de grace on a truly stellar album.'
- Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK
(Translated from German)
'The Irish Henry Girls do not move in a transfigured past, but stand firmly with their legs in the here and now: the haunting song "Ocean Of War" is sensitive to the suffering of the refugees, Ocean fleeing from war and persecution. The Irish speak in terms of mass emigration anyway, out of sorrowful experience! On the subject of women's rights, the trio from County Donegal is also happy to say: "In the graceful" Rebel Girl "the three too gentle Nashville Countrysounds keep the tradition of the workers class rebels fighting" for us all ". The fiddle purrs gracefully, and who likes, may like to dare to these highly animated sounds a little dancing! The homely song "Slow Down" goes to the heart and calls quietly to the pause, before one's own life alien. A traditional Irish folk band is certainly not the Henry Girls, and this is good. With banjo, harp, ukule, fiddle, accordion and piano, the three musicians run to the top in the usual way and blend Country and Bluegrass among their Celtic folk.'
- JPC (GERMANY) ****
(Translated from German)
'This professional routine and joint player experience is already reflected in the first tone of the set: Pleasantly light, unpretentious and also without, often a problem with modern folk music, corresponding prior knowledge absolutely delightful, edible songs are the hobbies of the three iris, And that's good. Ultra-harmonic vocals and subtle folklore, including fiddle, banjo, ukulele or accordion to reveal just a few of the elements of "Far Beyond The Stars" by the Henry Girls, make the salt in the soup, which is home to Irish music, But also American-American music culture from Roots, Honky Tonk, Rhythm and Blues, Bluegrass, Cajun or classic country sounds. For a real folk event, the album is at the same time much too modest, pensive and self-centered, which truly and happily does not rule out: the character of "Far Beyond The Stars" is the core of sheer beauty of music (no matter what origin ) And makes a lot, much desire for More of the Henry Girls, which rightly so the song lyrics in the form of the included booklet (CD) to settle their elegant and almost shy designed album. Conclusion: The Henry Girls with "Far Beyond The Stars" - the earth-bound, close to life, comprehensible, beautiful harmony of folk in pure / mform - dreamlike.'
-Dominique Dombert-Pelletier, Soul Train (GERMANY) ****
(Translated from German)
'It must be very quiet, relaxed and dreamlike, there - directly behind the stars. And the music at this hour of the hour is THE HENRY GIRLS . In this way, there are no surprises from the house of the three McLaughlin sisters Karen, Lorna and Joleen, who have passed seamlessly with " Far Beyond The Stars " to their two moving predecessors "December Moon" (2013) and "Louder Than Words" (2014 ). Banjo, harp, ukulele, fiddle and piano produce the musical stars sparkling, between fine folk and Americana, Scottish Irish rhythms and dreamy melodies as well as true stars-sisters singing. In addition, there is a completely perfect, crystal-clear and at the same time very warm sound for which Calum Malcolm is responsible, who already worked with CLANNAD. And right there, besides THE DIXIE CHICKS, THE HENRY GIRLS , with so much feeling and obvious love for nature. Their music is like a beautiful flower that slowly blossoms and stays fresh for a long time, because it is watered and fertilized by this harmony singing. Far Beyond The Stars " has already been voted "Album of the Week" by "The Irish Times" and the radio station RTE Radio 1, with so much excitement, voices "violence" and atmosphere. Emotional ballads, like "Falling In Love Again" or "A Friend Like You" are as beautiful as the best, emotionally loaded songs of the EAGLES, which camp at the "Hotel California". But not only the heart pain drives THE HENRY GIRLS , even the critical themes of the time are found in their music a lot of attention and clearly more powerful but also darker rhythms when "The Rebel Girl" goes to the "Ocean Of War".  The musical folk-Americana fire on " Far Beyond The Stars " burns lichterloh, while the flames sometimes also to the Bluesgrass, Pop, Country and of course always Irish/ Scottish folk beat. And the fact that the three sisters who came from the village of Malin on the peninsula of Inishowen have already tried their singing together in a delicate childhood and have mastered this already from family tradition in perfect harmony is inevitable, so that for the listener of this album inevitably the title of the 10. Songs: "Falling In Love Again". CONCLUSION: stay up on their sixth album " Far Beyond the Stars " faithful to the three sisters of the peninsula Inishowen. THE HENRY GIRLS enchant you with wonderful vocal harmonies and a colorful mixture of Americana, Folk, Pop and Traditionals. A guaranteed contender for all the Folk-CD-Prizes available this year.'
- Thoralf Koß, Musik Reviews (GERMANY) ****
(Translated from German)
'Irish folk need not necessarily be Irish. The three McLaughlin sisters Karen, Lorna and Joleen aka THE HENRY GIRLS also flirt on their sixth studio album with the music world beyond the big pond - sugary but not sticky. "Just imagine, ALTAN meet the DIXIE CHICKS ", the colleagues of the" Irish Echo "describe it. The image, however, I would not quite agree. Of course, here the Irish ballad tradition applies to Americana and Bluegrass sounds, but the latter are clearly in the foreground. This is not something Ireland-atypical in itself, because those who have spent some time in the pubs on the island know that country music is popular there mainly live. And finally, both genres have always been mutually intertwined, first in one direction and then in the other direction. The comparison with the DIXIE CHICKS is, of course, more than a result of the multi-voice singing of the ladies. From the Irish side, however, I see the band less near traditionalists like ALTAN, but the modern singer / songwriter scene, or bands like CLANNAD or CAPERCAILLIE (the latter being, of course, Scots). It is not surprising then that the band counts the former to their models and the producer responsible for the new album, Calum Malcolm, has already worked with both acts. With the mentioned style influences it does not stop however still. Songs like "Do not Call Me Honey" and the grand finale "I'm Your Baby" are a lot of swing and boogie basslines that make the dancebuck twitch, and you would almost want more. A shot of pop is, of course, there, which in combination with the beautifully sung harmonies and above all the right-cut production makes the whole sound a little too sweet for some ears. The music of the HENRY GIRLS drifts in really kitschy or even shallowBut not at any moment, the music is simply too good. However, this "sweetness" is not without problems, because the sisters also tackle serious themes in their songs, such as women's rights or the fate of the war refugees in the Mediterranean. While the poppy Nashville sound at Rebel Girl still works quite well, "Ocean of War" is almost a bit too nice. Perhaps it is in the case, however, a little bit on the song itself, because they can also be more melancholic, for example, "More Love, More Silence".
Conclusion: Inspired by both sides of the Atlantic, the musically high-class and varied Folk-Pop with an already existing depth, which may be produced something to please. But even if a few more corners and edges might be desirable now and then, only the interplay of the three wonderful voices makes the album really audible!'
- Florian Hessler, SLF Schubladenfrei (GERMANY) 
'This album marks the apotheosis of the group’s creative’s entirely enchanting and eclectic in style. Far Beyond the Stars reflects a desire on the part of the sisters to scale back, to return to the roots of Donegal, folk...this album does an immense amount of creative heavy lifting. The Henry Girls clearly have no interest in making the same album twice. You can both feel and picture the influence of Donegal in this latest album. In addition to the album artwork, the lyrics have a mysterious preoccupation with the landscape—the lakes, the mountains, the rugged beauty of a place like Donegal...the title track has a Celtic, new-age cadence, made slightly haunting by the sisters’ perfectly gorgeous harmonization. 
The sisters pioneer cutting-edge Eirecana (or, Irish Americana). Don’t Call me Honey is absolutely infectious. Far Beyond the Stars is brimming with creativity...a tour de force...the Henry Girls’ roots stay steadfast in Donegal.'
- Colleen Taylor, The Irish Echo (USA)

The Henry Girls are back with this entrancing album. This takes in many themes, of course romance and relationships, as well as mental illness, refugees and motherhood to name just a few. As you would expect those beautiful harmonies are present with great instrumentation to help create the atmosphere...superb to listen to...If you have never heard of these three wonderful women before then perhaps now is the time to do so, as I am sure you will not be disappointed...And with the title track you get such a haunting sound that sends tingles down your spine.'
- M.Dowden, Customer review, Amazon (2017) *****

On Louder Than Words (2014)...

Louder Than Words album cover

'These sisters have a sensational talent. The quality of their harmony singing goes beyond mere technique. They possess an unerring ability to blend tone and resonance in a seamless fashion.'
- Eamon Carr, The Evening Herald (IRL)
'Could well prove to be their breakout collection...The essence of their acheivement is to charmingly personlise their music...Graceful harmonies, charming vocals and elegant musicianship'
- Songlines (UK)
'Get ready to listen, folks, because this is something special. Every now and then, you run across something so uniquely different that you just have to shout it from the mountaintops. The Henry Girls are one of those musical acts that you just want to tell people about – as many as you can...The writing is first rate, as is the instrumentation, and those harmonies. I can’t say….or write enough. So, I will quit. Go seek this one out yourself. You will be glad you did!'
- Music News Nashville (USA)
'Fresh, exciting music and display their original songs with fine production. Songs and singing are first class. Many highlights... a most enjoyable recording'
- Froots (UK)
'The Henry Girls are a force in Folk and Americana music'
- The Alternate Root (USA)
'Ireland might have to finally share its pride and joy with the rest of's time for America to discover the Henry Girls'
- Huffington Post (USA)
'It's absolutely gorgeous. This album has been on constant repeat on my home system'
- Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 
'Louder Than Words' is subtle and nuanced, imbued with swelling harmonies, fragile melodies, and songs of quiet persuasion. Louder Than Words - clearly speaks volumes.'
 - Country Standard Time (USA)
' Louder Than Words is a revelation on numerous fronts...The album ebbs and flows with a quiet confidence and the musicianship is of the highest order. And the harmonies? They float from the speakers like objects in zero gravity, tumbling slowly through the ether before enveloping you in a warm blanket of pitch perfect wonderful...This album has monopolised my stereo for days at the expense of a long list of music I should have given time to by now, but there’s something about the effortless beauty of these voices and their songs that make pressing repeat the only obvious thing to do... Louder Than Words is seamless. And superb.'
-Folk Radio UK
'The Henry Girls are three immensely talented sisters from Donegal, Ireland. Louder Than Words is their second full length album and includes their wonderful single Maybe. It is impossible to put this talented band into any niche. Their music is diverse and eclectic in both style and substance. This album takes you on a magical journey. The songs are lyrically beautiful as they tell the tales of lost loves and lost souls. It is also musically rich and manages to encompass styles from jazzy to pop with touches of blues, bluegrass, Celtic, rock and everything in between. The variety of songs here is fantastic; from the ballad James Monroe, to fun and upbeat tunes like The Weather and So Long but Not Goodbye, to the mysterious The Light in the Window, to the dramatic Not Easy This spellbinding collection of songs will completely captivate you. The harmonies are nothing short of amazing. This is most definitely a must have album. It is available on ITunes here Click on the link and order it NOW! You can thank me later.'
- Fanrealm (USA)
'The only mystery is why they aren't already huge.'
- Acoustic Magazine (UK)
'There’s a sweetness to the album, from the swinging fiddle of “The Weather”, to the ‘30s vibe of “So Long But Not Goodbye”. Thematically, they deal with life, love and the continuity of the spirit... A record of family and togetherness, uplifting as well as contemplative, Louder Than Words is a skillful selection that will continue the Girls’ international success.'
- PopMatters (USA)

'Such is the magnetism of the voice, the giddy pull on the heart, the head dancing in reverie, a fella could fall hard for the Henry Girls without ever knowing them. The triumvirate of sisters from Ireland's northern most point of Malin, Co. Donegal, weave the kind of hynotic harmonies that excite a kind of amorphous faith - in something, anything.'
- R2 Magazine (UK)

'Confident, organic and under-stated, this collection will urge listeners to seek out The Henry Girls' live shows for the full 3D experience.'
- The Irish Times

'A stunning performance'
- The Irish Independent
'The Henry Girls give a master class in harmony, effortlessly and flawlessly weaving together Irish roots and Americana influences into a rich tapestry of song. Actually, this is no cliched “musical tapestry.” This is a warm, wool blanket on a rainy day. This is the tablecloth your great-grandmother made that adorns the coffee table in the summertime. This is The Henry Girls’ latest offering, Louder Than Words.'
- Hearth Music (USA)

'Their voices are easy on the ear and clear as glass, and interweave with a natural grace that complements the lightness of the melodies. Louder Than Words demonstrates how far the McLaughlin sisters have come as songwriters.'
- The Irish Examiner

'Picking up where they left off with last year’s splendid December Moon, The Henry Girls’ harmonic chemistry charms in every setting one finds it here, if anything, with greater potency than on that excellent preceding effort...A legit candidate for this year’s “Best Of” lists.'
- Roots Music Report (USA)

'The Henry Girls have been making music for a long time and Louder Than Words cements their position as one of our best acts. It’s their fourth album and with their trademark tight vocal harmonies and superior musicianship, they deliver 10 outstanding tracks...The Henry Girls deserve more coverage and Louder Than Words should be heard by anyone who wants to experience how good the music in this country can be.'
- Tony Lawless, Tradconnect (IRL)

'Terrific voices, great harmonies. Classic Northern Ireland noir'
- Mike Harding, BBC radio 2

'I highly recommend it, every track that I have listened to is a winner'
- Alf McCarthy, The Late Date, RTE1

'The fine close harmonies and musical arrangements on Louder Than Words elevate the girls to a higher plain'
- Maverick Magazine (UK)

'Blending Irish and American roots styles with the retro sounds of close harmony groups of the '40s & '50s, The Henry Girls have forged a sound of their own.
- Hot Press Magazine (IRL)

'The Henry Girls’ ability to draw influences from such a broad spectrum of styles whilst still remaining rooted in their own sound is a joy to behold, all the while lifting each song with their glorious and crystal-clear vocal harmonies.'
- Fortitude Magazine (UK)

'Latest album “Louder Than Words” is a harmony-laden delight from beginning to end.'
- Pittsburgh In Tune (USA)

'These young ladies hail from Co. Donegal, Ireland, but their songs are universal in theme though drawing on the roots of their Irish, Scottish and Americana roots. Their voices woven together form a rich canopy that is both open and airy at the same time, so tightly put together as to be virtually water repellant. Their voices are a piece that is so beautiful it grabs and holds the ear of the beholder. Their voice weave in and out of each other at times bending and shaping the ears. Without being overt, there is a distinct Celtic lilt to the voices, at times strong enough to betray their roots in the old country...A group to keep your eye out for..'
- FAME review (USA)

'all sing - strongly, clearly and attractively and with a natural poise and grace...The Henry Girls have been favourably compared to Dixie Chicks, and one can see why, although their approach and demeanour is still (thankfully) altogether less mainstream...the lyrics aren't without a satisfying degree of depth and the charm of the sisters' delivery is not to be underestimated.'
- Fatea (UK)

'It’s a crime of great shame for anyone to ignore the calling voice of these women.'
- GoldenPlec (IRL)

'The Henry Girls’ album Louder Than Words is a melodic trio of beautiful feminine voices singing about modern troubles, modern joys, and modern faith. The music speaks to anyone who’s pondered a beautiful sunset while driving down the road.'
- Americana Music Show (USA)

'This is not Irish Traditional music. However, it is wonderful and purely Irish music...they share that perfect sibling blend in gorgeous harmonies. Nobody in Irish music sings harmonies better than these girls. Fantastic, and so is this album. The new one is called Louder Than Words, and it is their best ever. Just like We Banjo 3, it is great to see an experienced band of entertainers just continuously get better and better. We are unabashed fans of these Donegal Duchesses. Make no mistake about it, this is wonderful music from a group that we suspect does not yet fully realize how good they are. World-class. Three voices as one. Those wonderful sibling harmony groups of the past could not have their legacies in better hands. You go, Girls.'
- Bill Margeson, LiveIreland (USA)
'The Donegal girls are masters of harmony, their voices blending seamlessly with one another to create a luscious soundscape that is uniquely Irish. Each sister is a multi-instrumentalist, and their sound comes from a mix of many traditional instruments. These girls aren’t just your standard trad band, though – their songs come from all corners of folk music, drawing influence from old time Americana and bluegrass. Maybe it was growing up in rural Donegal, or maybe it’s because they’re sisters, but somewhere along the way the girls have developed an innate musical ability that defies belief.'
- InDublin (IRL)

'Louder then words" is an exceptional easy listening, folk / roots album that is nothing short of superb...excellent musicianship & beautiful harmonies (did I mention the harmonies?) that will appeal to the masses.'
- 2U I Bestow (IRL)

'Louder Than Words strikes immediately because of the beautiful vocal harmonies. So balanced and perfectly arranged; this is definitely their secret weapon, alongside the magic and lush textures created by the instruments.'
- Celtic Music Radio (USA)
'The formula hasn’t changed: they still make deceptively straightforward-sounding folk-pop behind which complex vocal harmonies and instrumental arrangements hide modestly, they still write deceptively ancient-sounding modern songs, and they still have a taste for startling covers (Elvis Costello last time, Bruce Springsteen this time)... If you trusted me last time, you know that you need this one too; if you missed out last time, don’t miss out on this one'
- CD HotList (USA)

'This is an exquisite album with highs and lows in terms of tempo, mood and vocals throughout. It is compelling and moving; masterful in the sense that it truly draws the listener in to the atmosphere of each song. If you have not yet heard The Henry Girls music, this album would be a great place to start.'
- Music & Everything (IRL)

' inspired Sound'
- Record Niche (UK)

'When you imagine harps, violins and three-part female vocal harmonies, you probably expect a very twee and rustic sound, but that’s not how The Henry Girls roll. They are well capable of sacharine sweet vocal delivery, but there’s often a hint of gravel as well. Understated percussion, on a brushed kit, and sparse bass tracks give the record a contemporary sound...The production is stunning, and the album sounds intimate but simultaneously lush.'
- (IRL)





On December Moon (2011)...

December Moon album cover

'They have more grit than most harmonizing sister acts in the Celtic or Americana Circles'
- Bob Brown, WNMC (radio station), USA

'A very beautiful album’
- Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

‘A full bodied and powerfully dynamic collection..High buoyant vocal harmonies and ebullient instrumental attack make for stellar moments aplenty.’
- fRoots Magazine (UK)

'chilling three-part harmonies.'
-  NPR's 'Mountain Stage Radio Show' (USA)
'...a nice edginess...some excellent songwriting and some of the most gorgeous lead and harmony vocals you could wish to hear.'
- American Roots UK
'Anyone looking for a warm acoustic album will feel right at home with December of the most infectious and delightful albums to hit American shores in 2013'
-The Whole Music Experience (USA)

‘What gossamer voices came whisping out of our speakers? Who are these lovely voices that bewitch us? The Henry Girls are more like the three Graces: Splendor, Mirth, and Cheer. If indeed there are angels among us, here be them.’
 - New Folk Radio (UK)

‘Exquisite harmonies…a pure delight from start to finish’
- Maverick (UK)

‘…shimmering harmonies…this winsome Irish trio weaves a continuous spell, adorning a fresh sounding and varied set with their beguiling and versatile vocal chemistry’
- Roots Music Report (USA)

‘ have found a way to personalize their music with crystalline vocals, lilting melodies and eclectic influences…voices emerge with irresistible clarity and emotion.’
- Seattle PI (USA)

'...their voices blend in sweet harmony throughout this generous 14-song offering of mostly original folk/pop tunes. True to the roots of tradition-informed music though not everything here is lyrically bright and sunny and in fact some of the album’s best songs come from the dark side; haunting album opener “Sing My Sister Down” is about murder and the delicate “Rain and Snow” is about abandonment, literally and figuratively.'
- (USA)

‘The Henry Girls are a band whose star is rising…These wonderful Irish girls have the potential to be as big as Alison Krauss, hopefully they will be.’
- Country Music People (UK)

'...they sing beautifully and theirs are heavenly harmonies of the genetic school...the Henry Girls have an abundance of talent.'
Rambles.NET (USA)

‘Harmonies are a joy’
- The Irish Times

‘Delicate harmonies and gossamer playing…a very engaging record indeed’
- Hot Press (Ireland)

'...they showcase exceptional harmonies and fine songwriting as well as ability ot make songs from the tradition their own.'
- Perceptive Travel (USA)

‘With beautiful lyrics, harmonies and music, you could listen to this group all day long’
- Music Review Unsigned (Ireland)

'Flush with vibrant harmonies, a modest attitude, a sugary kind of enthusiasm, and, most importantly, songs that warrant an immediate embrace, "December Moon" is the kind of album that will likely set the course for growing appreciation amongst newly converted Stateside enthusiasts.'
- Country Standard Time (USA)

‘amazing vocal harmonies…a top notch, polished act’
- 67 Celtic Music Promotions (USA)

‘tight three-part harmonies are matched by soulful musicianship across’
- Fatea (UK)

‘December Moon’ is a quality folk/roots album which is consistently brilliant from start to finish’
- 2 U I Bestow (Ireland)

‘beautiful and artful…mouth-watering sibling vocal harmonies’
- Americana UK

‘What a revelation, The Henry Girls have finally found their voice and what a happy voice it is…..their original songs have the potential to have a very long life beyond the album. December Moon the title track could be the Galway Girl of 2012′
- Irish Music Magazine

‘so devilishly talented!’
- Folk and Roots (UK)

‘O how I love the Henry Girls…the Boswells reincarnated’
- Eddi Reader, singer

‘beautiful harmonies are the trademark of this band’
- Fanrealm (USA)

'You can tell how close the family is based on their pitch-perfect harmonies. They are part country, part folk and mostly sass. If the Corrs and Dolly Parton had a baby, it might sound like the Henry Girls.'
- Irish Central (USA)

‘I love the Henry Girls’
- David O’Doherty, Comedian

‘The Henry Girls are pure class’
- The Irish Post (UK)

‘their music is a compelling combination that finely blends traditional Irish folk music with American bluegrass and soulful roots music…a band not to be missed’
- Irish American Post

'This is about as perfect a collection of acoustic folk-pop as you could ask for — three-part sister harmonies, original songs, left-of-center covers and hooks, hooks, hooks galore...brilliant pop music in a lively but gentle style. Highly recommended to all libraries.'
- CD HotList (USA)

‘beautiful vocals, wonderful arrangements and brilliant musicianship…Check them out!’
- Folkworld (Germany)

‘A luscious treat…the vocals are world class’
- Mark Patterson, BBC Radio Foyle