BBC Van Morrison Tribute Concert

The BBC Ulster Van Morrison birthday concert which we were part of is now available to listen to online...

Recently we took part in a very special tribute night to Sir Van Morrison which took place in the  Park Avenue Hotel in East Belfast. The concert was part of the BBC's birthday celebrations for Van Morrison who turned 70 on August 31st.

The show is called Into The Music and features many well known northern acts including The 4 Of Us, Ken Haddock, The Clameens, Kaz Hawkins and many more. 

We were delighted to be part of it. We sang 'The Way Young Lovers Do' and also 'Irish Heartbeat and in the absence of Karen we were joined by the wonderful Neil Burns (aka Comrade Hat).

The show was aired on Radio Ulster on Saturday 29th and you can listen to the whole show online until September 28th.

You can view a gallery of photos fromt the night here.